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The 7th May 2015 saw the kick-off of a workshop series organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut on the future of the World Fair model, in which students from a variety of art and design academies from across the Netherlands participate.

Design questions

  1. How would participants* in the Expo2025 want to present themselves in relation to the theme Changing Currents / Deltas in Transition? (*Participants can be: countries, NGO’s, larger and smaller companies, cities, regions, universities and schools, charitable organisations, cultural initiatives…)
  2. What alternative form could a contribution take to the white box with a YouTube clip inside? In other words: what form, at what place(s) can the presentation of a participant take?
  3. How can a presentation at the Expo be of value for the local community and for societal processes in the city? How can cultural embedding and surplus value be achieved prior to, during and after the Expo?
  4. How can presentations have a functional and financial value after the event, locally in the city and region, and / or internationally? How can the presentation and the knowledge and network developed around it be continued or re-used?

Programma 28 May

  9:30   Reception with coffee
10:00 Introduction workshop by Michiel van Iersel
10:30 Part 1 of workshop programme: presentation of first concepts
13.00 Lunch break
13.30 Part 2 of workshop programme: working on presentation of concepts
16.00 Presentation of first concepts to Bart Schrijnen (Rotterdam2025).
17.00 End of programme

Further reading

Workshop: The future of the Expo Model wil present sone background information and the outcome of the workshops

09:30 – 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam